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Ambient Lighting

Ambient Lighting is a great way to enhance the look of your vehicle! With the progression of LED lights and the various product types available you can pretty much light up any area imaginable!


The Ambient Lighting products have many options to choose from. There are standard LED lighting, RGB LED lighting, RGBW LED lighting, and Chasing LED lighting. Standard LED lighting consists of some lighting product that is just one specific color. RGB LED lighting is a lighting product that has 3 LED lights with in the light. One red, one Green, and one Blue, hence the name RGB. That RGB light will come with a control module which allows you to choose from multiple colors with in that lighting product. The light will project different light outputs from each of the three LED lights to achieve a specific color. RGBW is very similar to a RGB lighting in the sense that the light has multiple LEDs and you can choose multiple colors. What makes RGBW different is the fact the light has a 4th LED light which is a pure White LED. RGB attempts to make a white color by putting all 3 LEDs on at full brightness which gives off a whitish look, but it is not a pure white color. So with RGBW if you want a pure white color it uses just the White LED and shuts off the other 3 LEDs. Chasing LED lights use RGB for lighting, but the control module and wiring is different so that you can have multiple colors with in one light at the same time. RGB / RGBW allow you to choose any color, but the light can only produce one color at a time. Chasing LED lights can display more than one color at one time from the same light. 


Below are some pictures of vehicles we have installed Ambient Lighting in!



Ambient Lighting

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