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Ignition Interlock

Most people are required to install an Ignition Interlock device after a drunk driving conviction. Even if you are unfamiliar with what an Ignition Interlock device is, they are extremely common and have probably been used by people you know and love.

What is an Ignition Interlock device?

An Ignition Interlock device is a small, handheld breathalyzer for a vehicle's ignition that is installed to prevent users from being able to start their vehicle after consuming alcohol. Sometimes they are referred to as a breathalyzer or as breath alcohol ignition interlock device.

How do you use an Ignition Interlock device?

At SoReal Sounds we service the Intoxalock brand of Ignition Interlock devices. The Intoxalock Ignition Interlock device requires you do the following steps to start your vehicle once an Ignition Interlock device is installed in your vehicle.

Step 1: Press the button on the device until the unit is ready displaying the message "BLOW"

Step 2: Submit your breath sample by blowing a breath of air into the device for 3 seconds, then immediately inhale a breath of air for 2 seconds, and then immediately blow a breath of air into the device for 4-5 seconds.

Step 3: wait for the sampling of your breath sample to be processed

Step 4: when the breath sample has been completed the device will indicate your to start the vehicle. You now have a 2 minute window to start the vehicle. If that 2 minute window passes you will have to start over again and provide another breath sample.


What to expect with your newly installed Ignition Interlock?

When you have successfully provided a breath sample and are now driving the vehicle, there are Rolling Re-Tests. These Rolling Re-Tests are random and happen a lot more often than you would expect. You perform the same process of breath sample you do when you go to start your vehicle. You do not want to miss a Rolling Re-Test, missing a Rolling Re-Test will count as a violation. When you shut your vehicle off to leave the Ignition Interlock device will show a 3 minute countdown. This 3 minute window is a time period where you can re-start your vehicle with out providing another breath sample. WARNING: You can not leave the vehicle during this 3 minute re-start period. The Ignition Interlock can and will ask for a rolling re-test during that time period, which will count as a violation. Be aware that Ignition Interlock device do not specifically look for alcohol, it detects an ingredient in alcohol which is found in many other foods, drinks, cologne / perfumes, etc. 30 minutes prior to driving your vehicle and during the driving of your vehicle you should avoid any food or liquid consumption besides water.

Ignition Interlock

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