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Why do you need better headlights?

Better headlights, like LED headlights, are not just for their cool white look. There are safety reasons why you should have brighter driving lights. Halogen bulbs have a yucky yellow color and provide very poor light output. Poor quality headlights, like halogen bulbs, do not provide good clarity of vision and will limit the distance that you can see down the road.  If you see a pedestrian, animal, or object in front of you, poor lighting will drastically shorten the reaction time you have to press the brake.  When reaction time, vehicle braking distance, and visibility are calculated, speeds above 45 mph become unsafe.

You also have to factor in eye deterioration. As we get older there becomes a point where our eye sight is not as good. Research shows over time eyes become less sensitive to light and on average a 50 years old driver needs twice as much light for the same visibility they had when they were 25 years old. 

Why LED Headlights?

LED technology have become the new standard for headlight bulbs, just as LED technology has replaced so many of the lights in our homes. LED Headlight bulbs provide a much whiter light and will illuminate the roadway with more of a “daylight” effect rather than a dingy yellow low light. LEDs have significantly longer lifespan and require less current to function, which means less strain to your alternator and battery.  A quality LED headlight bulb will extend the distance of your vision to keep you safer during your daily travels!

We are partnered with Lucas Lighting to provide you with the best lighting experience! From the Lucas Lighting L1 which is 3X times brighter than halogen, all the way up to the Lucas Lighting L5 which is 11X times brighter than halogen!

Below are some pics of our LED Headlights installed in vehicles, enjoy!


LED Headlights

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