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Window Tint is a great way to enhance the looks and protection of you & your vehicle! Most people tint their windows because they love the look, but did you know there are more benefits than looks?


Window Tint can also add Heat Rejection, IR Rejection, UV Protection, and Safety / Security!


Heat Rejection:

As you step up in Window Tint Film you increase the ability of slowing the transmission of heat through the glass. The better the Window Tint Film, the better your heat rejection! Your vehicle will stay cooler in the summer and heat up faster in the winter!

IR Rejection:

Some Window Tint Films have the ability to reject IR from the sun. IR stands for Infrared Radiation, which in the simplest of terms IR is the burning sensation you feel on your skin when in direct sunlight. Our Ceramic Window Tint Films will add IR Rejection so your daytime driving is more comfortable! No more tans or sunburns on the just the left side of your face and left arm!

UV Protection:

All Window Tint Films will give you some UV Protection, all of the Films we offer here at SoReal Sounds provide a 99.9% UV protection! The UV protection of our Window Tint Films will protect your skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun that can cause cancer! Have kids? Keep your kids safe from that harmful sun by installing our Window Tint! By blocking out UV our Window Tint will also protect your interior panels from the sun! Our Window Tint will help reduce the fading of the interior panel's original color and reduce the risk of the interior panels from cracking!

Safety / Security:

The obvious security benefits of Window Tint is more privacy. The fact that you are making the window darker you are now providing more privacy, keeping your belongings harder for outsiders to see. The other security benefit is strengthening of the window. Window Tint Films come in various thicknesses, depending on the film type and design. The thicker the Window Tint Film the more it will reinforce your window making it harder to break! The safety aspect of the Window Tint has to do with what the Film does when the window breaks. If your window was to break in an accident the Window Tint Film will catch all of the small pieces of glass, holding the broken window together! You will not have to worry about sharp glass particles flying at you or your loved ones reducing the risk of injury in an accident!

Does Ceramic Window Tint really reduce heat and IR?

YES! Stop by our facility to feel the difference for yourself! We have a demonstration heat box designed to show you the difference between films when it comes to Heat & IR Rejection!

Below are some pictures of vehicles we have tinted! Enjoy!

Window Tint

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